Past Conferences

The most recent CARWH conference was held in 2014 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Safety and Health in Agricultural and Rural Populations (SHARP) and the Canadian Rural Health Research Society (CRHRS) conferences. A complete listing of previous CARWH conferences is below.

Year Location Host
2014 Saskatoon Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan
2012 Vancouver WorkSafe BC
2010 Toronto Institute for Work & Health
2008 Montreal Réseau de recherche en santé et en sécurité du travail du Québec
2006 St. John's Memorial University & SafetyNet
2005 Vancouver University of British Columbia
2003 Montreal Université de Sherbrooke
2001 Toronto Inaugural one-day meeting led by Drs. Harry Shannon, Nicola Cherry, and Patrick Loisel