Session Details

Title: Poster Session
Time: 16 Oct 2016, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: Colony Ballroom
Type: Poster Presentations

(P-01) Hospital Screening Practices for Hand Dermatitis
Kathryn Nichol
(P-04) Factors associated with musculoskeletal disorders among Canadian truck drivers: A cross-sectional study of worker perspectives
Sonja Senthanar
(P-05) Évolution du risque de lésions avec une atteinte permanente au Québec, 2003-2012
Marc-Antoine Busque
(P-06) Staying at work with fibromyalgia, an invisible chronic illness, by managing workplace identity to stop the stigma process
Margaret Oldfield
(P-07) Estimating occupational exposure to pesticides in Canada: Challenges and a proposed method
Ela Rydz
(P-09) Experiences of Caregiver-Employees at McMaster University: A Descriptive Analysis of Challenges
Amin Yazdani
(P-10) When disability and immigrant status intersect: a quantitative intersectional analysis
Firat K. Sayin
(P-12) Impact of a Nursing Strike on Working Relationships
Ryan Cook
(P-13) Responding positively: Supervisor reaction to work injury and its association with return-to-work
Arif Jetha
(P-14) Gaps between levels of employment and employment intentions among a cohort of people living with or at risk of acquiring HIV infection who use illicit drugs in Vancouver, Canada
Robert Macpherson
(P-15) Validation of a Total Health Survey Initiative for Employers
Tyler Amell
(P-16) The relationship between occupational health and safety vulnerability and workplace injury
Morgan Lay
(P-17) Employment and disability benefits in Canada: Envisioning best practices for people with mental illness as they enter the system
Pam Lahey
(P-18) Prévention des risques professionnels en stage : critères de conception d’un outil d’aide à l’évaluation des risques à destination des enseignants superviseurs au PFAE
Aurelie Tondoux
(P-19) Preventing Occupational Disease (Occupational Asthma)
Kevin Hedges
(P-20) Risk factors associated with self-reported neck pain among office workers in a private university of Colombia: a cross-sectional study
Adriana Angarita Fonseca
(P-21) Identification, Control and Prevention of Work-related Psychosocial Hazards and Social Conditions Contributing to Mental Health Disorders and Prolonged Work Absence
Marc White
(P-22) Defining Episodic Disability: A scoping review
MC Breadner
(P-23) Factors influencing employer participation in research
Vicki Kristman
(P-24) Mieux comprendre les impacts de l’innovation au travail sur la santé mentale des travailleurs vieillissants pour améliorer la santé au travail
Marie-Michèle Lord
(P-26) Preliminary comparisons between driver responses to unexpected pedestrian crossings when using a head-mounted display versus 300 degree wrap around screens in a fixed-base driving simulator
Danielle Filio
(P-28) Preliminary Ergonomics Assessment among Canadian Waste Collection Workers
Benedicta Asante
(P-29) Knowledge translation through tailored package summaries: Sharing CAREX Canada's carcinogen surveillance resources
Joanne Telfer
(P-30) Gender differences in work disability duration across three workers' compensation systems in Canada
Robert Macpherson
(P-31) Paving the way for “New Midwifery”: How Students in Midwifery Education Programs Navigate Work-Life Balance Challenges
Farimah Hakemzadeh
(P-32) OHS Futures Program Evaluation
Karina Thomas
(P-33) Does immigration status affect work disability duration for injured workers in Canada?
Niloufar Saffari
(P-35) Predicting successful return to work in workers on disability due to low back pain: Strategies and challenges in the recruitment of rehabilitation patients
Ivan Steenstra
(P-36) A pilot study investigating sleep patterns amongst Ontario FireRangers over a season of non-fire and fire suppression deployments
Zachary McGillis
(P-38) Organizational characteristics associated with shiftwork practices and opportunities for intervention: Results from a survey of shiftwork employers in British Columbia, Canada
Amy Hall
(P-39) Understanding Effective Worker Representation
John Oudyk
(P-40) Tools for informed substitution of cleaning products
Dorothy Wigmore
Alison Palmer
(P-42) Work schedule as an occupational risk factor in mining and mine-related industries
Zsuzsanna Kerekes
(P-43) What kinds of work disability program design issues are researchers focusing on in cause-based versus comprehensive work disability systems?
Ellen MacEachen
(P-44) Recruiting Workers For MSD Interventions Lessons Learned
Rosemary Ku
(P-45) Work and health researchers’ knowledge transfer practices
Dwayne Van Eerd
(P-46) Exploring workers’ vulnerability to head and/or traumatic brain injury in the workplace
Pia Kontos
(P-47) Dynamics of sleep loss and recovery in workers with traumatic brain injury
Angela Colantonio
(P-48) Thematic Analysis of Key Recommendations from Commissioned Occupational Health and Safety Reports in Mining
Emily Tetzlaff
(P-51) Health and Safety Matters! Survey of Occupational Health and Safety of Personal Support Workers in Ontario, Canada
Firat Sayin
(P-52) Linking long term labour market attachment and optimal HIV antiretroviral therapy outcomes among HIV-infected individuals who use illicit drugs in Vancouver
Robert Macpherson
(P-54) Addressing essential skills gaps among participants in an OHS training program: a pilot study
Ron Saunders
(P-55) Développement, test et comparaison d’un outil d’appréciation des risques dédié aux interventions en espace clos
Damien Burlet-Vienney
(P-56) Testing the impact of extreme postures on vigilance in a mining game simulation
Carolyn Knight
(P-57) A Bibliometric review of the most cited literature related to mining injuries
Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia
(P-58) Comparison of biomechanical upper limb exposures for musculoskeletal disorders in swine barns using needle-less and conventional injection techniques
Olugbenga Adebayo
(P-59) Patterns of trunk posture among Saskatchewan farmers
Muhammad Khan
(P-61) Youth, Mental Health and Work: A Northern Perspective
Katrina Aguiar
(P-62) Shift work and metabolic health in the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS)
Anne Harris
(P-65) The effects of chronic conditions on absenteeism in Canada
Wei Zhang
(P-66) A Web-based Decision Tool Intervention for Caregiver-Employees at McMaster University
Anastassios Dardas
(P-67) A return to work program for workers with occupational skin disease: program components, barriers and facilitators
Linn Holness
(P-68) Effect of combined exposure to averse psychosocial work factors on medically certified absence for mental health problems: A 5-year prospective study
Mahee Gilbert-Ouimet
(P-69) Combined effect of job strain and psychological distress on the risk of recurrent myocardial infarction.
Mahée Gilbert-Ouimet
(P-71) Cumulative exposure to adverse psychosocial work factors and high psychological distress among white-collar workers: A 5-Year prospective study
Mahée Gilbert-Ouimet